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Biocorrection International, Medical centre treats a wide range of neural and mental diseases, some of which are deemed incurable such as:

- Shoshina-Vassiliev Syndrome (among the suffering from infantile palsy)
- Cerebral palsy und encephalopathies
- Hydrocephaly

Demyelinating diseases, including:

- Vassiliev's Syndrome
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Neuritis, Polyradiculatis
- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosic (LAS) (a motor nerves disease)
- Sclerotic panencephalitis
- Cerebral atrophy
- Alzheimer's Disease
- Post-insult paresis
- Traumatological destructions of the central nervous system (skull fractures and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, spinal column traumas. including broken neck vertebrae)
- Peripheral facial nerve palsy

Neuromuscular disorders, degenerations of the brainstem, pyramidal and subcortical degenerations, including:

- Duchenne myopathy
- Erb's myodystrophy
- Erb-Roth muscular dystrophy
- Werdnig-Hoffmann spinal muscular atrophy
- Becker-Kaper progressive muscular dystrophy
- Charcot-Marie neural amyotrophy (Charcol-Marie Tooth Disease)
- Progressive distal myopathy
- Landuzi-Degerin myopathy
- Curschmann-Batten-Steinert myotonic dystrophy
- Strumpell spastic spinal palsy
- Torsion muscle dystonia
- Hepatocerebral dystrophy
- Hereditary ataxia — Friedrich's Syndrome
- Epilepsy

Post-infective complications

- myelitis
- encephalitis
- meningitis
- arachnoiditis
- complications after antibiotics treatment
- Huntington's chorea

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