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Vasiliev's method of biocorrection, which is used in the Biocorrection Medical Centre for treatment of incurable patients with neurological and menial pathology, is based on complete neurohormonal analyses based on the creation of Vasiliev's adrenogram as well as on the interpretation of special diagnostic and prognostic tests by Vassiliev.

The method renders a clear cut clinical result, often to a hundred percent recovery of the patient or until the patient reaches between 40 to 75% socialization capability, depending on the individual case and the stage of the disease.

Until now, around 3000 patients from 40 countries and ranging in age from a feu months to the age of 60 have been treated with the method of biocorrection. Monitoring has continued for over 35 years now.

Contrary to expectations, the method is physiological and its effectiveness has no analogue in medical practices around the world. It is characterized by the practical absence of pharmacological treatment.

Thirty-two conditions are treated successfully with Vassillev's biocorrection method including genetic, post-infective, traumatological and other types of paralyses and pareses. The method is widely discussed in medical journals and is described in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian and other languages.

During the biocorrective course of treatment, patients who have lost, or never had motor function capability, recover it or acquire it for the first time, and, more importantly, this is accompanied by intellectual progress. Our once patients are today's engineers, teachers, artists, poets: they have families and normal children of their own.

With the Shoshina-Vasileiv syndrome (mostly with children suffering from cerebral palsy) the treatment may sometimes last only a few days, and with the Vasileiv syndrome (mostly with patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, neuritis polyradiculitis. etc.) it lasts between one and t\vo months mainly, until full convalescence is reached. With some other diseases the treatment may continue a year or more.

Vasileiv's biocorrection can be performed both in hospital or in an outpatient facility. The treatment is quite comfortable, as a non-hormonal test of urine is taken for its basis and Vassiliev's preparation N:1 is administered in minuscule doses. The preparation consists of ammo-acids which are part of our organism. The dose is individually administered by Vassiliev's adrenogram based on the principle "the key to the castle".

Vasileiv's biocorrection method is an amalgam of endocrinology, neurology and psychiatry The method is quite revolutionary and requires full revision of our knowledge in different of medicine.

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