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Professor Vitali Nikolaevich Vassiliev

Vassiliev, Vitali Nikolaevich, 61, Doctor of Biological Sciences (aerospace medicine), professor, a distinguished figure in neuroendocrinology of Russia, author of more than 300 scientific publications, including articles, monographs, books, textbooks, manuals, patents, etc.. and a number of popular-science publications. He has been working since 1968 in the areas of objectivization and prognostication of the effects of stress: of sport and aviation medicine; the diseases of civilization (hypertension, peptic, ulcer, etc.), neuroses, and other nervous and mental diseases. This led to the development of a universal and highly sensitive method, "the adrenogram", with the aid of which in 1974 he succeeded in identifying among patients with infantile cerebral palsy a new syndrome - the triad, its mechanism and a 100% effective cure. It was named "the Shosina-Vassiliev syndrome" and was officially recognized by the USSR State Committee on Inventions and Discoveries in 1985 and by the USSR Ministry of Public Health in 1987.

In 1987 Prof. Vassiliev identified the triad (called the Vassiliev syndrome) among patients with demyelinating diseases. It is a 100% curable. These syndromes have come to be widely described in the international scientific medical journals, as well as in hundreds of newspapers in Russia, USA, Italy and other countries, highlighted on television in a number of countries.

On the basis of the adrenogram, a method without analogue in medicine has been developed for diagnosis and treatment of certain considered to be incurable nervous and mental diseases, which is referred to as Vassiliev's method of biocorrection.

In 1989 the All-Union Medical Centre for Patients with Paralyses with the USSR Ministry of Health was opened in Moscow and Professor Vassiliev was appointed Director. However, the disintegration of the USSR wrecked what had already been done, and Professor Vassiliev was compelled to go abroad, where he worked for some years at medical and rehabilitation centres in different countries (Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and others), where his method for the biocorrection of a wide spectrum of paralyses was taken as basis for work.

In Russia and the Ukraine international associations of Professor Vassiliev's patients have been created. Mis work met a most heartfelt approval from Madre Teresa di Calcutta whose acquaintance he made as far back as 1988 and who in 1997 shortly before her death wrote a letter-blessing to him.

Dear Vassiliev,

In the meantime offer your sufferings to Jesus for the good of all the sick people, I want you to be sure of my prayers and those of my sisters. May Our Blessed Mother be a Mother to you, in this special time and help you to become closer to Jesus.

Madre Teresa


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